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After having separated for two long years, it seems yesterday was the day, Mulroney's b-day (and Halloween) of all days, the divorce between Catherine Keener and Durmot Mulroney becomes final. They were married for fifteen years. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that a marriage is supposed to be forever. That's why wedding ceremonies require taking vows including "thru thick & thin, love & hate, heaven & hell", etc. That's probably one of the major reasons why I haven't gotten myself hitched. As much as I find CK attractive, if I could have anybody I wanted for my spouse, and CK happened to be in the room when I was given this choice, a relationship with her would probably bo more smoothly and successful than a marriage between an old flame with whom I never quite forgotten. What I mean to say is, Catherine would be sheer joy to get to know and live with, while an ex-lover would be a chore learning to deal with the habits she formed which might seem different from how I remember about her; and yet, when you measure the amount of love I have for Keener with that of my first love, it seems like less than the feelings I still hold for my high school sweetheart. I don't get it.

An American crime

Sunset Blvd
Sunset at Glendale
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When I was in middle school, the year book for the graduating class contained photo clippings of people's noses, eyes, lips, etc. My friends thought that was dumb. What was the yearbook club thinking? that it would be fun to see all their peers guess how many noses they could match to their friends? That's what the poster for the upcoming Sundance film, to be released this year on August 17. The trailer looks so interesting, and I thought to meself, "Hey, I wonder if that's something that is being considered for an Academy nomination this year." The release date at Sundance was the 19th, but it isn't coming out until August, which probably serves as a strategic attempt at making a memorable impression on the Oscar voters. I checked for the list of nominees and films this year, but either An American crime not up to par, or may be considered for the 2008 Oscars.
    There's a bridge along Sunset Blvd where a mural of close-up images of eyes have constantly met stringent graffiti abuse. I never liked the mural—thought it was lame myself—but I never vandalized it either. I'm glad they've painted that tunnel all white, but I suppose the artist will come around again to draw his droopy faces of eyes and noses. Anyway, the poster for this upcoming Catherine Keener flick reminded me of that mural. One of the good points of living in L.A. is the possibility that some day a famous celebrity like Chloë Sevigny, Nastassja Kinski, etc. might cross a fan's path. However, they say everyone has a double, but I can dream, can't I? This very intersection of Glendale and Montana, in Echo Park, is where, in a daze, I thought I saw CK drive by in a hatch back sedan. Or was it her look-a-like?

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Innerview of Jessica Winter's privilege to question Nicole Holofcener

Dismantling text and reading between the lines should only be done with writings that have a considerable amount of meaning to a reader. It's been said before that Catherine Keener doesn't grant interviews so much as she holds roles in films. Is this proof that distorting the truth just enough so that careers will flourish, much like people who lie in their applications to land unqualified for jobs, is something to be factored until a follow-up by primary journalists get the news from the other perspective?
      Examining the text which describes the appearance, in many of Holofcener's films, of Catherine Keener's capability to swear on the job, the author's take on this is reinforced by a quote generalizing the subject of which the paragraph is dedicated to reveal. It's plain to see how difficult a freshly graduated career minded entertainment buff might find it getting themselves let in with their shoes intact. It would seem that backing their projects by the crème de la crème of studio sensations is nothing but a dream. A dream with only a glipse of their favourite idols gotten from snapshots delivered by the press. Catherine Keener started her career in the film industry as Assistant Casting Director; so reading into this , it's plain to see that profanity comes with the territory if not only by casting directors then also by screenwriters.
Among Holofcener's creative wellspring of pals is Catherine Keener, whose capacity for bringing three dimensions to spiky-tongued, vulnerable cynics has enhanced each of the director's films. "She helps me with casting, rewriting, everything," Holofcener says. read moreCollapse )

      If it had been me who was assigned to write a story, like the one mentioned here in The Guardian, I'd've taken the opportunity to ask a director who's films include one of the best kept secrets of performance presence most every question thinkable about the little known Keener.
  1. "Is it true that legal scandal follows her in most every film she makes?"
  2. "Is she single again? And does she date? Do you think she'll date me?"
  3. "That gap between her eye-tooth and her bicuspid, where did it go?"
…and whether or not she sees orthodontic work in the same vain as cosmetic surgery in that admitting to it ever having taken place is degrading, is but one of the inquiries I would lead up to if the opportunity to meet Keener ever came my way.
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friends with money

Has anyone seen Catherine Keener's newest film, Friends with Money? It was the opening night selection at the Sundance Film Festival and co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, and Joan Cusack. It also features performances by Greg Germann, Scott Caan, Simon McBurney, and Jason Isaacs.

The movie centers around four old friends, one of whom has been forced to clean houses to make a living. The others are considerably wealthy. It focuses on relationships between men and women and the problems that we all face in our relationships. It was a very realistic film... I didn't get a "Hollywood vibe" from it at all.

I saw this movie this week and I definitely recommend it, especially to my fellow Catherine Keener fans. She has a huge role in this movie, even though Jennifer Aniston is arguably the protagonist. It's still in theatres and will probably be at the dollar theatres and DVD soon.

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Horshack: Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oh… heil hitler!!!

      A post was made in the los_angeles community board about auditions to my favorite film. The announcement earlier has nothing to do with Hitler and Nazism, but for a moment I was flirting with the idea of placing myself amidst the contenders as if I really had the tiniest inkling of what I might be doing there (like a true megalomaniac). Read this actors and Closer fans. I'm reading between the lines of Amy Wallace's book review once more for kicks. It's just—I'M NOT A SPY DAMN IT!!!—she provokes a smile in me each time I read her article. Take this ¶

In "California or Bust," a piece I wrote four years ago for Los Angeles magazine, I described my own physical metamorphosis. Aided by the costume designer who made Julia Roberts fuller-figured for her Oscar-winning role in "Erin Brockovich" — it took a "village … to create that cleavage," she quipped at the time — I went from an AA-cup to a double D. Then I walked around Los Angeles and saw the city, and myself, through different eyes.

      I'm actually linking her ¶ with the photos in PEOPLE magazine. I forget if it was either this weeks or last. The one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover? Look for the Sundance report and see the colorful pix of Catherine Keener. Although the Sundance film which she's in that's being covered in this article is not, regardless of CK`s role in it, going to be something I pay to watch, she's looking sexier than ever.
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new film: CAPOTE

Saw this film last night to an unsold-out theater. I have to admit I enjoyed it. Have you ever heard an expression in the movie biz where a beautiful actress in the film reluctantly disrobes to prance around in one or two scenes? Some actresses, though shy, do it anyway because they have to think of their career; hence saving the film. There is some method out there that seems to revive a no-action film. 'If it seems like it`ll put the audience to sleep, show some skin.' This film is not like that, though there are clips which network TV censors are sure to include in the fifteen minutes of edited footage necessary to accommodate commercial breaks. The film has a small bloody scene in it which is graphic. If you`re familiar with the book In cold blood then you may know the plot and expect bloodiness where the director Bennet Miller achieves some ambience of suspense. I heard/read a review on this film praising Catherine Keener as supporting role, suggesting that she deserves to be nominated. We`ll see, I guess. It only takes one positive review to get all the magazines interested in obtaining interviews with her. Philip Seymour Hoffman does an extraordinary interpretation of a writer with issues. His twitching, his eye contact, all have a hypnotic, creepy effect on me. I find myself sometimes puckering up my lips to clear air bubbles out from between my upper lip and gums. Although my twitch isn`t as pronounce as Hoffman would have you believe Capote`s was, it might seem sexier if I could make eye contact with someone as beautiful as Keener (who reminds me of my mom in that era). There is a kiss scene, though there is nothing in the film that implies there ever was anything physical going on between Truman and Nelle.

If anybody was ever meant to live together and raise a family, it was Nelle & Truman.This film really makes me wonder what the sexual orientation Capote practiced, but then again I was never an avid reader, and his name always seemed synonymous to me with cosanostra and the mafia. There seems to be a lot of historical info in the film which I`m embarrassed to say I didn`t know before. I never read In cold blood but this film has changed my values on what books I pick up next. I recommend this book to anybody that has a secret ambition to write for books and entertainment.